The one cold hand
The other cold feet
When she touched me
I could feel her love, i could fell for heat.

She looked through her lips
She smiled through her eyes
Or wait i got confused, when
She came closer to me as she sighs.

Her touch, ohh its holiday season upon me
She Leaned over me
Slowly as her breath she exhaled
There was new relief and peace i inhaled

Her eyes so beautiful
Her touch so pure
Her lips so soft
My heart just went to lure

I still get the dreams
The haunting dreams of her aroma
The dream i am never scared of
The touch she gave me as she always wanna

Her tender skin
Her tranquiled heart
Oh gosh i cant forget that
Where do i start

That kiss was divine
That time was pious

She was colder than December, I know
But intimacy of her made me feel warm
She was a winter that
Tasted like summer

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