They come and go
and leave their memories and desire of presence.
I never felt short of them or so,
but for my life was always so dense

What a divine moment, I remember !
faintly rather
When in the green september
I met her on Leaves and feather.

Her face was so bright
for which the moon had to shy.
I cherished her every sight,
while she had a deep Sigh
And then the wind began blowing faster,
The diamond like drops started dancing.
I didn’t want to lose her.

Now the rain started to sing,
Like the rain also wanted to touch the lady.
Then she started towards me,
She Was steady.

O’ Ceaser, a friend of her, she wants me to be.

The dusk started to fell,
And i went with her till her destination.
I never went to heaven, neither to hell
But still i got salvation

I cant forget that day
For I met an angel.
But i have no more to say,
After all, we were strangers.

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